Which Exercise Is Better For You, Gym Or Swimming?

Swimming vs Gym, Which one is better?

Which Exercise Is Better For You, Gym Or Swimming?

The World Health Organization also recommends that everyone should spend at least 15 “to 30” exercise every day to improve health. There are many different types of exercise to choose from: jogging, walking, aerobic, gym, or swimming. Each subject you choose has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Particularly for those who need to exercise outside the purpose of improving health, but also for a slim and beautiful body, often choose the gym and swimming. So these two subjects, which one is better? Let’s find out through the following article!

Before we can answer the question of which subject is better, gym or swimming, we should go over the benefits of both subjects to dig deeper.

Benefits of swimming:

1. Increasing strength

Regular swimmers will gradually gain muscle strength throughout the body. When immersed in the water, you will need to coordinate the use of many muscle groups together to be able to move, thereby making almost all of your limbs move, support to improve strength and endurance.

Swimming helps your body stronger

Swimming helps your body stronger

2. Good for asthma patients

The humid environments of indoor swimming pools make swimming a great activity for people with asthma. Not only that, but these sport-related breathing exercises such as holding your breath can help you expand your lung capacity and control your breathing better.

3. Improving the quality of sleep

One health benefit of swimming is that it helps you sleep better at night. In a study of older adults with insomnia, scientists found that the goal of increasing quality of life and sleep will have positive results when swimming regularly. I

4. Good for mental health

Research shows that water movement will help improve mental state, provoke positive thoughts. Therefore, this sport is widely recommended for those who have problems with anxiety and depression.

5. Help you lose weight

Experts say swimming is one of the best exercises to burn excess calories, as well as lose weight. Swimming is also more effective than running on a treadmill. So, if you do not like the usual sports exercises, think about swimming.

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6. Pain relief

The health benefits of swimming, especially pain relief, include:

Swimming will help relax the neck or back muscles and other muscle pain. Backstroke can help you exercise strength in your back, but at the same time reduce the stress that is occurring in this area.
This water sport offers great health benefits for arthritis and is a great pain reliever.

Swimming help reduce pain

Swimming help reduce pain

7. Effectively increase your height:

This sport effectively increases your height, especially for children and teenagers.

Swimming is the best exercise for young teenagers

Swimming is the best exercise for young teenagers

8. Improving endurance

Swimming is considered to be the best full-body exercise to improve body flexibility. When you swim, you stretch, twist, and pull your whole body to move through the water, these movements make you more flexible than any other sports exercise.

Continuous stretches performed on each stroke can help increase flexibility and endurance.

9. Reduce the risk of diseases caused by living habits

Helps maintain blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure, and increase good cholesterol. Thanks to the health benefits of swimming, you can reduce your risk of lifestyle disorders like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

10. Good for pregnant women

Exercises with the action of the water will help relieve joint or muscle pain, thereby alleviating the discomfort of pregnant women. Regular swimming sessions are considered to be of great help to maintain a healthy pregnancy and to help the baby develop at its best.

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Benefits of Gym:

1. Tone your body

For women, the gym helps women to have a more standard and fuller 3-round measurement, so they will be more confident with their bodies. For men, the gym will help remove the weak muscles in the body and replace it with the developed muscles, the body is enlarged, firmer, and more muscular.

Gym help tone your body

Gym help tone your body

2. Increase the body’s resistance

In countries with rapid economic and social development, the gym is a sport chosen by many people as a form of body strength training. According to scientific studies, the gym helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, myocardial infarction, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, obesity, or diabetes … very effectively.

3. Exercise helps bones and joints strong

Gym facilitates the regeneration of new bones, makes bones and joints stronger, thereby limiting osteoporosis or degenerative diseases, disc herniations that many young people are at risk of.

4. Enhance sex life

After age 30, testosterone levels in the male body begin to drop, which can cause erectile dysfunction. More serious are cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Lifting weights is the best way to help the male body stimulate testosterone while reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Gym enhances your sex life

Gym enhances your sex life

5. Exercising to increase muscle mass and gain weight

Exercise to gain weight is many people choose, if you want to gain weight fast choose weight exercises, it will help increase the metabolism of the body.

6. Fitness helps to lose weight effectively

Exercise helps burn calories effectively, helps limit excess fat accumulation, thereby helping you lose weight effectively.

7. Increase height effectively

The gym is also a sport that helps increase dimensional, gym exercises help bones and joints develop and promote height growth.

8. There are many Gym locations you can choose

However, any subject will have its drawbacks:

For Swimming:

– Being immersed in the pool continuously will cause your skin and hair to dry and break quickly. So when going swimming, always remember to use enough swimming goggles and a swimming cap to avoid affected vision and frizzy hair.

– Pools with good hygienic quality are usually quite a few, so you need to be careful to find a safe pool.

– Not to mention that you go swimming in the summer, your skin can catch the sun and your skin is prone to burning, sunburn. As for swimming indoors for 4 seasons, the cost will not be cheap.

For the gym:

– If you do not exercise properly, it can easily lead to serious injuries such as sprains, deviation, … Not to mention that when you exercise, serious instruction is very important, otherwise it will reverse the effect. . You want to lose weight, but by doing the wrong exercises, it turns into muscle gain, weight gain.

– It is difficult to develop comprehensively in height for teenagers. Because you want to grow in height, you must practice the correct technique. But for teenagers, this is very difficult.

– Not suitable for the elderly and people with joint problems, especially knee and wrist joints.

Through the above information, we can all agree on the advantages and disadvantages of both subjects. However, in the long term and especially for women, swimming will have many benefits and drawbacks than the gym, there will be almost no significant side effects if you are well prepared.

And swimming is suitable for any age from children, teenagers till elder people, everyone can go swimming, even a pregnant woman. And finally, it’s a life skill which everyone should have. Not only is it good for your health, but you never know when you’ll need your ability to swim. Just to remember when you go swimming, bring fully your guards to protect your eye-vision, your hair.

Moreover, which subject you choose depends on the preferences of each person. Wish you find the subject you love and suitable for you!


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