Funny Wedding Games Ideas For Your Reception

Weddings are all about celebrating the joy and love of your big day, but sometimes it can be fun to mix things up a little bit. The right games can add a new dimension to your reception that makes it memorable for you, as well as your guests. These are some of our favorite wedding games that play well at any summer-themed wedding:

Great Wedding Games To Play At Your Reception

  • Wedding games should be fun. This is the most important thing to consider when choosing wedding games, because if your guests aren’t having a good time you’ll lose them in no time.
  • Games should be easy to understand and play. Make sure that everyone can follow along with what’s going on during the game and know how they’re supposed to participate before starting it up!
  • Games should be interactive (not just sitting around watching). Make sure there are opportunities for people who don’t feel like dancing or drinking all night long!
  • Games should fit with the theme of your wedding (if possible). If you’re having a Hawaiian theme then maybe some hula dancing would fit nicely into your reception schedule?

Do you need ideas for wedding reception games?

If you’re looking for ideas for wedding reception games, here are some great options.

  • The Newlywed Game: This game is a classic that everyone loves, and it’s fun to see how well your guests know each other! Players take turns answering questions about their partner and getting points as they answer correctly. The winner is the last person left standing who has no idea what happened in between them asking the question and their partner’s response!
  • Name That Tune (or Song): This one works best when there are lots of people at the reception so everyone can participate—but if only ten or fewer guests show up then this one could still work fine too! All you need is some music playing through speakers throughout your venue (or even just headphones), but make sure everyone knows which song they’re supposed to identify before starting so no one gets confused by who’s playing what part

Are the traditional wedding games a little too “played out” for your taste?

Are the traditional wedding games a little too “played out” for your taste? Perhaps you want to try something new and more interactive. The following list has some of the best party games to keep your guests entertained during your reception.

  • Bingo: This classic game is an easy way for guests to interact with each other, while also having fun playing by themselves. It can be played in many different ways, including traditional bingo mats or using paper tickets on which players write numbers corresponding with words that relate back to their love story (e.g., 1-2-3 means “I met my husband at Starbucks”).
  • Charades: This classic child’s game has been reinvented into an adult-friendly version that involves multiple teams competing against one another using clues as they attempt to guess what word corresponds with each card being shown off by an actor who has been given props—usually a pair of glasses or sunglasses!

Here are some fun and unique wedding reception games that will make your wedding stand out from all the rest.

  • Handshakes, hugs, and high-fives: This is a great way to get everyone involved in the celebration of your happy day! Make sure everyone has their own name tag or badge so they can be easily identified as part of the event. Have each person take turns shaking hands with everyone else at the table (or just have them shake hands with their own group). You could even have kids do this while they wait in line before dinner begins or during desserts if it’s appropriate for them (just make sure parents are nearby).
  • The bride gets thrown over someone’s shoulder: If you want something a little more competitive than just having people hold hands, then try this idea for couples who want an extra challenge during their night out on the town! Have one lucky couple pick another couple based on whatever criteria you choose—maybe gender preference or first dance song choice? Or maybe age difference between partners? Then whoever ends up getting picked up must carry him/her across town back home where he/she will then be met by their new spouse(e) at midnight sharp…and I mean SHARP!

Opt for classics such as bingo, or mix things up with a fun twist on the popular game.

Bingo is a fun game for all ages and can be played with a group or one-on-one. You can even change up your bingo cards by adding some silly twists to the game.

The key is to keep it simple, so that people can play along at any level of experience and skill. If you want something more challenging than traditional bingo games (and who doesn’t?), try out other games like Scrabble or gin rummy instead!

Set up a big-screen TV and either rent or borrow gaming consoles, like Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move.

If you are looking for some fun, interactive games that can be played by teams, then this is the perfect one. Rent or borrow gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move. Games like Mario Kart, Mario Party and Guitar Hero are great options.

Games are fun because they allow people to interact with each other while having fun at the same time! They make everyone feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves because everyone has their own role in completing tasks together as a team (or as individuals). You can also play these games during summer weddings if you want something more warm-weather appropriate than regular dancing around on tables with your friends/family members who aren’t really into dancing or even drinking alcohol all night long (but we’ll get into those topics later!).


There are so many fun ways to entertain guests at your wedding reception. One of my favorite games is “The Amazing Race,” which challenges your bridal party to complete a scavenger hunt in under 60 minutes. The winning team receives a prize! Another fun game that can be played in any room of the house is “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”—it’s easy to set up and will keep everyone laughing all night long!

Now that you have a few ideas for wedding games, make sure to keep them in mind when planning your own event. These are just a few examples of some of the more popular games out there today – there are so many different ways to integrate them into your reception. If you want to mix things up even further, try one of our favorite ideas: having guests participate in a scavenger hunt throughout the evening!

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