Bride Makeup Looks For Typical Face Shape

If you’re a bride, there’s no doubt that the makeup look you choose for your wedding day is going to be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. After all, what bride wants to look like they just got off the runway? But if you’re not sure which makeup style will work best on your face shape or if you have doubts about what type of foundation would work best. Well, worry no more! We’ve put together this handy guide so that when it comes time for those precious pictures (and we all know how important those are), everything will go off without a hitch.

Oval Face Makeup

The oval face shape is one of the most popular shapes of faces for brides. It’s slim, but still has some curves and can be dressed up or down depending on what you’re wearing. You might think that your makeup will look great on everyone, but it’s actually best suited for brides who want to look natural and not overdone when they walk down the aisle.

You can give your oval face a bold, beautiful look by adding a bit of makeup.

  • Highlight your best features. Your eyes are the most important part of your face and will draw attention to them, so make sure you choose a shade that complements them well. Choose an eye shadow color that’s not too light or too dark—you want something in between so it gives off more dimension to your eyes without overpowering them with too much color. Also consider using an eyeliner pencil instead of liquid liner if you have oily skin; this will help keep things looking clean without needing to reapply throughout the day!
  • Add volume to the top half of your face with blush or bronzer (but only if you don’t already have very pale skin). If possible try powdering first then blending into foundation afterward; this helps makeup stay put longer while still giving off an airbrushed effect on top (think: Kim Kardashian).
  • For hair highlights use highlighters instead of contouring products since they’ll highlight all areas evenly rather than just one specific area like contouring would do.””

An oval face is the best shape to work with since you can use almost any makeup on it.

An oval face is the best shape to work with since you can use almost any makeup on it. Of course, there are some rules that you should follow when applying makeup for an oval face shape. For example, if you have a rounder chin or smaller jawline, then try using light eyeshadow as a base and then adding shadow on top of that. Also make sure to apply foundation evenly throughout your entire face so that no area looks darker than another area of your face.

When wearing lipstick or lip glosses make sure they’re not too dark because this will look unnatural when paired with the rest of your makeup routine! Finally remember that when making any sort of decision about what kinds of clothes fit together well together don’t be afraid: just experiment until something feels right!

The only thing to avoid is round cheeks and babyish looks.

The only thing to avoid is round cheeks and babyish looks. If you’re going for these natural makeup looks, then you should just keep it simple with a soft wash of foundation, some eyeshadow and mascara to accentuate your eyes, and some lip color that complements your skin tone. Avoid full lips as they will make you look older than your age!

Also avoid overdoing anything when applying blush or eye makeup—it can make someone look unnatural in photos online or if they’re wearing glasses in real life (which we all know happens). Don’t forget about the lips either—they should be subtle yet show off enough to complement their face shape but not too much so as to draw attention away from other features such as eyes or nose bridge size…

Find your best features and highlight those.

If you have an oval face shape, it’s important to find your best features of yours and highlight those. This can be done with a highlighter or bronzer on your cheekbones, eyes, or lips. If you have a round face then don’t highlight your cheeks!

Add some volume in key areas to give your face more life.

There are several ways to add some life to your face. Here’s how:

  • Highlight the cheekbones. This will help give you a little more depth, draw attention away from your nose and make your eyes pop. You can do this with blush or highlighter, but I prefer using bronzer as it blends easily into my skin tone and doesn’t look too harsh on my skin tone (I’m not a fan of orange colors).
  • Add volume at key areas like around the cheeks and lips. If you want to give yourself an extra pinch of lift in these areas, use a contour powder—but be careful not to overdo it! Just one dusting should suffice!

Then add a highlighter just above the cheekbones to make a shimmering glow that’s natural but noticeable.

To make a shimmering glow on your face, try this step:

  • First, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Then add a highlighter just above the cheekbones to make a shimmering glow that’s natural but noticeable.
  • Find an eyeshadow that matches your skin tone and use it as an eyeshadow base for all of your other makeup looks (this will help keep them from looking too pale).

Then accentuate your eyes, no matter what they look like since they’re the first thing that people notice on your face anyway.

Your eyes are the first thing people notice on your face, so you want to make sure they’re looking their best. You can do this by using a light color for highlighting or a darker shade for accentuating. If you have dark circles under your eyes, use eyeliner in black or brown to draw attention there as well.

If you have naturally long lashes and want them curled up, even more, curl one set of lashes at a time with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. This will separate each lash and make them appear longer than normal!

If you have brown eyes or other dark colors, highlight those with a complementary shade of eye shadow on top of them so that it brings out the color in them even more.

If you have brown eyes or other dark colors, highlight those with a complementary shade of eye shadow on top of them so that it brings out the color in them even more.

  • Use a light color that complements your eye color (such as beige).
  • Use a neutral shade like champagne, bronze, or white.

Round Face Makeup

For round-faced brides, you may want to consider using a foundation that is more adjustable than the classic, flat-topped brush. This will allow you to blend out any heavy spots or lines on your face that might show through. A contour kit with an undertone of warm (like cinnamon) can also be helpful in making sure that your cheeks are bright and radiant while still looking natural.

Blush should be used sparingly; it needs to look like it’s just sitting on top of the rest of the makeup rather than being layered over it—you don’t want anyone thinking about how much blush you’re wearing when they look at their photos! A blush with a pink or peach undertone would give off a more youthful appearance without being overpowering; try layering this one over concealer for added brightness if needed!

Highlighter should have some shimmer in order for people not distracted from looking at shiny spots elsewhere on their face—if this isn’t possible then go ahead and use bronzer instead because everyone knows how good those work out there too! You probably already know what kind I’m talking about here so why aren’t we doing something else?

Classic Bridal Makeup


You want to keep your brows simple, but not too sparse. Use a light hand with the eyebrow powder and blend it out so that it doesn’t look too obvious. It’s best to start off with just two shades of brown—one that’s darker than the other—and then go back in with some black gel liner on top of those two colors. If you’ve got dark hair, consider using an ombre highlighter over your natural color (that’s where I’m at). This will give you some dimension without making them seem unnatural or overdone!


A classic bride look involves soft blush on both cheeks as well as lips; this gives off a glow without looking too overdone or made up (which can be tricky for round faces). Keep things natural by choosing a nude-y shade like MAC’s Soft Brown Lip Pencil or Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Concealer. You could also go for something brighter with YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in Lilac, but make sure whatever shade you choose isn’t too bright as this might accentuate any imperfections under your eyes more than necessary! Makeup artists often use lip liner first followed by lipstick before applying gloss so they don’t bleed onto each other when applying layers together later down line – so try doing this too if possible if applies towards trying out new techniques these days since there are so many different kinds available now available across multiple brands including Sephora itself!

Round face is a very common face shape, but it is not the most flattering. To make your round face look slimmer, you need to apply makeup in a way that makes it appear longer. For example, if your eyes are closer together than they should be and your cheekbones are too sharp, try applying foundation with an angled brush so that the product goes further down toward the chin area and narrows at the bottom of your nose. This will add volume and shape to help balance out those features on both sides of your face by making sure there’s more distance between each cheekbone as well as between each eye socket (pointing upwards).

Square Face Makeup

If you’re a bride who has a square face shape, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have the right makeup look. But there are so many flattering ways to wear makeup if your face is square.

Flawless Base

You can use a foundation that matches your skin tone. If you have dry skin, use a moisturizer first.

If you have oily skin, then use a mattifying primer beforehand and set with powder as needed.

Highlight and Contour

For a square face, highlight and contour are key. To highlight, apply a light shade of brown or gold on the center of your forehead and directly under your brows. Then sweep it up towards your hairline, blending into either side of your forehead.

To contour, choose a darker shade of brown or gold to define and accentuate where you want the most prominent features on your face (like around the bridge of your nose). Apply this with an eyeshadow brush until it’s as smooth as possible—you can also use this technique if you want to create depth in photos by applying color on top of any other makeup product that already exists on top!

Winged Eyeliner

For those of you who are new to winged eyeliner, it is a technique that involves creating a thin line on the upper lash line. It can be done with an angled brush or your finger, depending on how much precision you want to achieve.

Winged eyeliner looks great if used with neutral colors and lips that complement the eye look. Here are some examples:

  • Top row – Black and deep blue-toned reds (try MAC Eyeshadow in “”Topaz”” or Sephora Collection Colorful Ink in “”Blueberry””)
  • Middle row – Green eyeshadows work well with black or brown liner pencils such as MAC Heroine Makeup Pencil in ‘Black Creme’ or Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow Pencil in ‘Deep Steel’. The green will bring out the blue tones in your eyes! You could also use a bright red shade like Revlon Vivid Brights Velvet Matte Lip Stain – Red Plum if desired!

Bottom row – Light pinky coral lipsticks look great with these shades too! They’ll make your eyes pop while still looking natural at first glance due to the neutral nature of both products together.

Smokey Eye

For a smokey eye, you’re going to want to use a matte brown shadow. To apply this color, use a smudger brush and apply the shadow along the lash line using light strokes. Then set it with black liner or mascara.

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