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Can you imagine any similarities between the two numbers? The very young years of life and certainly less than that still do not prevent us all from seeing a series of world records set by a young girl.

Not surprisingly, professionals are increasingly looking for nicknames to describe Ledecky’s talent and dominance on the green track: Monsters, demons, beasts … All are used to describe just one girl: Katie Ledecky.

So, let find out more about this girl with Swimtimelog to see where she finds her passion!


Kathleen Genevieve Ledecky born March 17, 1997) is an American swimmer. She has won 5 Olympic gold medals, 15 world championship gold medals, the most in history for a female amphibious athlete. She is the holder of the world records of 400, 800, and 1500 women’s freedom (long-distance). She also holds the fastest times ever in women’s 500, 1000, and 1650 yard freestyle events.

Katie Ledecky, 16, celebrates setting a new world record time of 8-13.86 in the 800-meter freestyle at the world championships on Aug 3, 2013

Katie Ledecky, 16, celebrates setting a new world record time of 8-13.86 in the 800-meter freestyle at the world championships on Aug 3, 2013

During her international debut at the 2012 London Olympic Games at the age of 15, Ledecky was surprised by the gold show in the women’s free 800-meter content. Four years later, she left Rio de Janeiro as the most beautifully decorated female athlete of the 2016 Olympic Games with four gold medals, one silver and two world records. In total, she won 34 medals (28 gold, 5 silver and 1) in major international competitions, including the Summer Olympics, the World Championship and the Pan Pacific Championship. 

Ledecky’s success has earned a record 5 times. Ledecky was also named Associated Press Women’s Athlete of the Year in 2017, International Female Athlete Championship by L’Équipe in 2014 and 2017, United Women’s Athlete of the Year by the Olympic Committee. The 2013, 2016 and 2017 periods, and the Women’s Sports Organization of the Year 2017 period. 11 Ledecky’s individual gold medals at the Underwater World Championships and 15 individual titles combined at The Olympic Games.


“I’m Katie, I’m from Maryland, I swim” – 1st year student Katie Ledecky briefly introduced herself in the first class of ancient Greek art.

As a swimming superstar, Ledecky of course received a lot of cheers when stepping on the green track. Even so, she still has a normal student life at Stanford. Ledecky has to enter the dormitory according to the school regulations, daily riding on a bike. And in her first year, Ledecky is still enthusiastic about choosing what to study after the foundation stage.

“She is choosing the right path” – art history professor Jody Maxmin commented on her famous student. In the eyes of Professor Maxmin, she paid attention to Ledecky for a handwritten work on the sculpture and architecture of her old Acropolis rather than her talent for swimming. Before Ledecky, Ms. Maxmin also taught many sports superstars, most notably football player Andrew Luck – one of the highest income athletes in the world.

Accepted an athlete scholarship, but Ledecky did not choose a study related to fitness or sports management. She is passionate about art subjects, psychology and political science. Mercury News reported that Ledecky was especially interested in the lessons with famous researcher William Charles Dement – who is considered the father of sleeping pills.

When asked why she took the path of a student, Ledecky replied: “I want to continue what I have pursued since I was a child. Choosing between a professional path and a university is not a difficult decision. I’m so excited to be able to step into Stanford and do my job. ”

With what is being performed in Hungary, Ledecky shows that going to university does not affect her practice.


Human beings are not machines because humans cannot avoid tired times. For any athlete, those are moments of decline, distraction or hundreds of thousands of reasons that prevent them from achieving as expected.

Katie Ledecky - the monster of the green strack

Katie Ledecky – the monster of the green strack

But with Ledecky, nothing has changed. Accuracy is always absolute. The performances are always perfect. There are no blemishes or defects. There is no chance for the competitors to outdo it.

That is why she is considered a machine. An intelligent machine with superior features that no other competitor can match.

In the moment when Michael Phelps was helpless to lift his swimming gold medals to the 23rd for failing to win against 21-year-old Singaporean Schooling, Ledecky won the fourth swimming gold medal at the Rio Olympics and was the one 5th golden chapter in the history of the Olympic Games she attended. And again, she did it when she was 19 years old.

The “steel” girl on the green track becomes as simple and human as anyone in unforgettable moments of her career. Certainly, these weren’t Katie’s last gold medals. There are still many more swimming gold medals in the front waiting for her to conquer.

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