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by David Silva | | | 0 Comments


Today, I have three pieces of swim equipment that I promise will help you improve your technique.

You can achieve the elusive smooth stroke we all long for, however, sometimes you just need a little bit of help along the way.

I find these swim products quite helpful, so wanted to share them with you.

Let's dive right in.


These are probably the world's best paddles when it comes to teaching the proper stroke and hand/finger position.

They are strapless, so no rubber bands flopping around. They are simple to put on and you can adjust your goggles easily while the paddles dangle from your thumbs. They just work.

How do they help you?

Well, they force you to keep your fingers in the right position as well as to have them more relaxed.

You will have to catch some water in order for the paddles to not fall off, so that is a good thing as well.

I'd strongly advise you to grab a pair and put your old paddles aside for a while, so you can then see the difference.

Let's look at how to work on your streamline while using your legs and a kickboard.

Learning how to streamline is one of the most important aspects of fast swimming, so perhaps the next piece of equipment will help you out.

The slick kickboard that I have found useful is this streamline (alignment) kickboard.

You can just slip your hands underneath the strap and keep your arms in streamline while kicking.

This way, flipturns and follow up streamlines are made easy :).

Make sure though, you are not going too crazy with these, so you do not get some shoulder injuries from having your muscles tight all the time.

Actually, I do not really use any kickboards as it is much better to learn to move in the water without any boards and rely on your own relaxation and coordination. But if you do want to use one, the streamline kickboard is the lesser evil and you can grab one here.

The last item, I'd like you to have a look at is this peculiar looking forearm fulcrum like item.

It is actually quite brilliant.

Many swimmers have an issue with the water entry. Others with the early vertical forearm pulling motion.

Some enter with thumb first, some cross over, others raise their hand back to the surface after the initial entry.

All these issues are easily fixed if the correct movements are performed over and over.

This Finis Forearm Fulcrum lets you keep your stroke efficient by holding your wrist, elbow, and shoulder at the correct swimming position.

In other words, your wrist will not collapse or deviate from its intended motion.

If you deviate any of the arm parts from the optimal movement (you do it wrong) the fulcrum holder will fall off.

So without doing it correctly, you won't be able to swim properly :).

Therefore, the forearm fulcrum makes you focused on your technique all the time and helps you imprint the correct swimming motion into your brain.

After a few practices, your stroke becomes much more efficient and injury-free.

If you think this is for you, just pick up one on Amazon.

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