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Speaking of water sports, it is impossible not to mention Michael Phelps – one of the best swimmers in the world. Although there are many famous athletes today like Ledecky, clearly, the name Michael Phelps has been storming for a decade.

Let’s learn more about Michael Phelps to explain why he is so famous?


When first appeared in the Olympic arena, Michael Phelps was just a young, ambitious 15-year-old boy. The American “Mermaid” did not win a medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, but he left a strong impression on viewers when he showed off his spectacular breakthrough at the last 50m in the 200m butterfly race. He swam faster than all the other athletes and moved from 8th to 5th place. His teammate, Tom Malchow, told reporters at the 2000 Olympics that Phelps was a real athlete. and he will become one of the great urchins. But who would have thought that the young man from Baltimore would grow to become the greatest athlete in Olympic history?

On 30/07/2012, Phelps won the 19th Olympic gold medal, the record number of medals in Olympic history and broke the 18 times Olympic medal of the gymnastics legend. Old bucket, Larisa Latynina. He told the group of reporters about his secret to success: “You have to have a serious working attitude, have a strong will, are motivated and many other factors. Luckily I have it all together so I can’t complain about anything”.

Michael Phelps celebrates after becoming the most medal-winning athlete in history

Michael Phelps celebrates after becoming the most medal-winning athlete in history

America has always been the dominant force in swimming since the heyday of famous athlete Johnny Weissmuller in the 1920s, but Phelps has taken this position to a new level.

The NBC channel once broadcasted the world champion live as a “Rare Sport in Sports” because Phelps was so famous. He is the first swimmer to win the title of Athlete of the Year by Sports Illustrated magazine.

Phelps holds the record for the number of gold medals at an Olympics when he won 8 medals in 8 exciting days in Beijing 2008. Phelps has surpassed the American “seahorse” Mark Spitz when campaigning. This member won 7 gold medals at Munich 1972.

Right before his impressive performance in Beijing, Phelps had more to worry about in moving into a new apartment than practicing. He confided in Sports Illustrated magazine that he is not very worried about the future despite having a bit of fitness problems. Phelps added: “When I rebooted I knew I could do it. All I have to do is focus on one thing. And that was done. Usually it took a few years, but after a short time Phelps found his motivation to play again.

Phelps was banned for three months in 2009 after a newspaper published pictures of him breathing a cannabis cigarette. Phelps almost wanted to quit the green track but he decided the London Olympics would be the final farewell to swimming, a sport he has pursued since he was a boy. And nothing sweeter than when “the Baltimore bullet” has acquired a total of 6 medals at the 2012 London Olympics. With 4 gold medals at this award, the total number of gold medals in Phelps’s career reached a record number. is 18.

Phelps has set a world record 29 times and still holds the record in 6 events. Phelps ended his career as the most medalist at the Olympics (22) and possibly the greatest athlete ever.


Phelps has 16 years competing in the Olympics. He learned to swim when he was 7 years old, as a way to help his body balance, not lead to professionalism, after discovering he suffered from “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” (the rate of children in the world suffer from this disorder is 5%).

From swimming practice for health purposes, Phelps quickly demonstrated his exceptional quality to enter the professional path. Thus, most of Phelps’s life was tied to water.

One month before arriving in Rio de Janeiro, Phelps celebrated his 31st birthday (June 30). Many people thought that the prospect of age would hold back the power of Phelps “super fish”.

It is also understandable when swimmers often show their talents early and also become “elders” when entering the age of 30.

Before the opening of Rio 2016, Duke Kahanamoku (USA) was the oldest male swimmer to win gold. He won 100 meters freestyle in Antwerp 1920 (Belgium), at the age of 30.

For nearly a century, no one surpassed Duke Kahanamoku. But Phelps is no ordinary person, and he has set an impressive record.

If you include female content, no one can compare with Phelps. In Athens 2004, Inge de Bruijin (The Netherlands) once won a gold medal for 50 m freestyle swimming at the age of 30, setting a record for female content but still young compared to current Phelps.

Phelps was born to swim, and to win. In addition to the Olympic record, he also won 26 world medals. In his career, this American athlete has owned 64 different gold medals (13 silver medals, 3 bronze medals).

Not only that, but Phelps is also an expert on records. Currently, Phelps holds a total of 39 different green track records. A legend of legends.

However, in order to win the gold medal at the Olympics, they must also go through hard training, must be people with an extraordinarily strong will, agility, flexibility, a spirit of clarity and a whole heart. extreme determination.

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