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by David Silva | | | 0 Comments


Let's check out how the freestyle stroke is NOT supposed to be done, for a change.

In this post, I will examine a short video where you will see a front view of a freestyle swimmer who is swimming against the current in a small swim flume (endless pool).

These endless swimming pools are quite nice, especially if combined with a front snorkel depicted below.

This way you could practice a perfect freestyle swimming stroke without being distracted with flip turns or breathing
However, Let's get back to our front view freestyle video analysis.

I am not sure who this person is, but I'll point out a few obvious bad mistakes he is doing, so perhaps he will appreciate this review.

First, play the video all the way through and then play it again and try to figure out yourself what he is doing right and what he is doing wrong.

Then read below to see the entire analysis to see if you correctly identified some of the most common freestyle stroke technique mistakes.
OK, here it is:

1.) Why is he looking at the camera?

His eyes should be pointing toward the bottom of the pool and his neck should not have any wrinkles.

Why do you need to look down?

The answer is simple, to keep your feet elevated and therefore having less resistance when you swim through the water.

More information can be found in the body position post.

2.) Imagine a line going through his body which would split him into two halves (right and left).

Now check out his hands and where they enter into the water.
The hands should never reach over to the other half of the body (passed the axis).

This causes the swimmer to snake through the water instead of going in as streamlined of a position as possible.

3.) From our view, the left hand is tilted with the palm out when it enters the water.

That shouldn't really happen.

He could catch a lot more water if he would point his palm more toward the bottom of the pool.

Also, such a hand entry is the major cause of shoulder injuries, so be careful here.

4.) Stretch, stretch, stretch.

Check out how on some of the strokes his elbow is bent and he is already starting a movement through the water.

He should reach forward as far as possible to find his catch and roll a little more to each side in order to achieve this.

On the other hand, notice how he is keeping his head steady and only the shoulders rotate, this is a very good indication of a correct freestyle stroke.

5.) I'd also like to point out that the hand on the left from our view when in the water, goes too far to the left when grabbing the water.

He should concentrate to go more under his body with his arms, thus putting less stress on his shoulder and being more streamlined.

I am sure you can think of a few more things that are wrong with this swimming video.

Please don't be shy to share them with me in the comments section.

To get you started on your way to effortless and efficient swimming, check out the introduction to better body and head position in the water while swimming freestyle.

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