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Which Time Of Day Is Best For Swimming, Morning, Noon, Or Evening?

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This question is one of the most asked questions worldwide! Simply because there is a lot of advice - sometimes in opposite opinion  - about what time to exercise during the day, it is understandable for everyone to wonder.

Theoretically, there are quite a few different studies that show that late afternoon exercise is the best time for most people. The reason is that by the end of the afternoon, the muscle temperature will reach its peak. Warmer muscles increase muscle metabolism and energy metabolism. This increase in mechanical temperature can be explained by the biological clock mechanism. This mechanism determines your day-night rhythm and has a major influence on fluctuating body functions during the day such as body temperature, heart rate, and metabolism.

[caption id="attachment_70253" align="alignnone" width="800"]Which time in day is best for swimming? Which time in day is best for swimming?[/caption]

However, there are always gaps between theory and reality. Therefore, determining the best time of day to exercise is not so simple. We just observe the activities of the pool during the day, it will be clear, every day there are swimmers, every hour there are swimmers. So swim in the morning, noon, evening, which time is best for swimming? Join us to find out!

Swimming in the morning:

Going swimming in the morning, for some, it's like starting the engine inside, starting the day. For others, the morning swim is an ideal time to meditate. Don't forget, swimming comes with physiological benefits, especially for those trying to get in shape and lose weight, swimming in the morning is very helpful.
[caption id="attachment_70256" align="alignnone" width="800"]Indoor swimming pool Indoor swimming pool[/caption]


- Swimming in the morning keeps you energized for the rest of the day.
- In summer, the morning workout will be much easier due to the earlier sunrise time. Studies have shown that your testosterone is at its highest in the morning. This is really helpful, especially high-intensity training. Some pools are really empty at this time of day, so you don't have to wait or squeeze in.
- Swimming in the morning will help your body relax after a long sleep, good for physical training and height development. - Morning time is best for swimming with oily skinned people, as the skin produces oil at night. Morning swimming and bathing is great for people with oily skin, helping to clear pores.
- When you swim in the morning, your body goes through a period of fasting during sleep. It has used up all the carbohydrates available during the night. So swimming in the morning will help you burn stored fats and lose weight.


- After you wake up, your joints and muscles remain tight. Warm warmups are essential for getting ready to exercise.
- It will be difficult to get up early if you are the "night owl"
- If you want the best swim time in the morning, you should go to bed earlier the night before to make sure you get enough sleep.

Swimming at noon

Noon swimming or short workouts at lunchtime are quite common. Many people often have a habit of swimming at noon to cool down the body. This is not really good at all. From about 10 am to 4 pm is the time of intense sunlight and brings the most ultraviolet rays.
In addition, when swimming in the afternoon, you may experience heat shock. At noon, body temperature and ambient temperature often have a big difference from the pool water. If you are hot and sweat a lot, if you immediately go into the water, water will seep into your body, causing sunburn and many other diseases. However, if you choose the indoor swimming pool, it is different, you do not have to worry about the above problem.
[caption id="attachment_70252" align="alignnone" width="700"]Outdoor swimming pool Outdoor swimming pool[/caption]


- Any form of exercise is better than not having. And in some cases you don't have any free time, swimming at noon is still a good choice.
- If you work in the office, swimming can help relax your muscles.
- If you have a stressful morning, a noon swim can also help reduce the stress load, providing you with energy for the rest of the workday.


- The big problem for many people is the time factor. If your lunch break is short, then you won't have much time in the pool.
- It will be quite annoying when you come back to the company with wet hair.

Swimming in the evening

This swimming time is chosen by many people. Part of the reason is that after a stressful working day, many people choose swimming as a relaxation method after hard-working day. Another reason is that at the end of the day, the tank detergent is running out, so people with sensitive skin won't be afraid of skin irritation.

[caption id="attachment_70250" align="alignnone" width="1062"]Modern outdoor swimming pool Modern outdoor swimming pool[/caption]


- Your muscle temperature reaches its peak, thereby enhancing swimming performance.

- A great way to relieve work stress, so you can also feel more comfortable after the end of your workday.

- In the morning you have to go to work early and quite busy, you have more time in the evening - A method of consuming excess calories during the day


- Evening is also the time when you lack motivation after a hard working day

- Swimming at night can also make it difficult to sleep. Your adrenaline is still going high from the intense swimming exercises you've done. So after swimming, rest at least 1 to 2 hours before going to bed to ensure quality sleep.

So, in your opinion, when is the best time to swim. Really, there isn't one definitive answer for the best time to swim. This completely depends on your schedule of the day, your habits, and your preferences. And you can completely swim in any session of the day as long as you remember the rules when going to the pool.


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